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Fee Structure...

Female Psychologist, gender dysphoria therapy brisbane


Our standard current fee in 2019/2020/2021 for a 50 minute consult is $190.. with an increase in 2022 to $200

Fees for 2022:

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, we made the decision not to raise session
fees for 2020/2021, but please note that as of the 1st of January 2022, our
session fee for clients will increase by $10 a session. Medicare and private
health rebates will still apply and Medicare now provides an additional 10 rebates for
sessions per year until June 2022 (total of 20 per year).

  • If you have a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP you will receive a rebate of $129.55 from Medicare (we are Clinically endorsed so you are eligible for a higher rebate from Medicare.. )





(**The Australian Psychological Society currently recommends that Clinical Psychologists charge $267 for a 46-60 minute session. At Brisbane Southside Psychology we ensure that we charge our clients rates that are affordable .....)

You don't require a referral to see a Psychologist however many clients do come to see us with referrals from their GP. Medicare Australia and the Australian Psychological Society (APS) recognise Clinical Psychologists as specialists in mental health care and provide a higher rebate for Clinical Psychology Services.


Clients wishing to use their private health cover are more than welcome... Please contact your provider for details about individual rebates for psychology as they differ between health funds... 


Please see the Australian Psychology Society's fact sheet for further details:


For further information on what Clinical Psychologists offer please see:


Brisbane Psychologist

Contacting us

Reception, Appointment Bookings and General Enquiries:

Phone: (07) 3191 6080


Fax: (07) 3112 5018



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